High Concentration Ozone Decomposition Catalyst (Moisture-resistant Type)

Moisture-resistant ozone decomposition catalyst, using new nano materials, can work normally in the environment with relative humidity of 90%, and its service life is greatly increased. It can be applied to the decomposition of ozone with high humidity.

The catalyst is widely used in household appliances, photocopying, printing, synthesis of fine chemicals, and treatment of tap water and wastewater. Such as printing plants, ozone-type sterilization water disinfection machines (water purifiers, etc.), water plant ozone disinfection systems, ozone-type sterilization rooms, medical disinfection cabinets, urban communities using ozone treatment pipeline direct drinking water systems, hospitals using ozone sterilization, Sewage treatment system in chemical plant, production workshop with high-voltage discharge technology.

Process characteristics:

1. This type of ozone decomposition catalyst uses new nano materials to solve the problem of failure of other catalysts in high humidity environments, and it can work normally in environments with relative humidity of 90%.

2. This type of catalyst does not use activated carbon as a carrier. All materials are inorganic, including: activated manganese oxide, copper oxide, alumina and ingredients, etc., which will not cause safety problems when handling high concentration ozone.

3. This type ozone decomposition catalyst is suitable for treating ozone tail gas with a concentration higher than 1000PPM.

4. For the ultra-high-concentration ozone tail gas with a small gas volume and a high concentration of more than 100ml / l, the air volume needs to be controlled at 800 ~ 2000, which can be determined in combination with the amount of catalyst.

Technical Parameters:

  • Shape: Honeycomb (foam) ceramic, short column
  • Size (mm): Ф (3~4) ×(5~10)
  • Heap specific gravity (g / ml): 0.7~1.2
  • Operating temperature: 20-30℃ or above, better at (50-100℃)
  • Ozone decomposition ability: ≥98%
  • Space velocity (h-1): 0.5 ~ 10× 104
  • Height-diameter ratio of catalyst bed: 1: 1, higher is better
  • Service life: 8000-16000 hours (1~2 years)
  • Purification depth of O3: ≤0.01 ppm