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Carbon Monoxide (CO) Removal Catalysts

Room Temperature CO Removal Catalyst (Moisture Resistant Particle Type)

This type CO removal catalyst completely converts CO at room temperature (≥15 ℃), gas humidity ≤90%, space velocity (13) × 104 hours-1, and the residual CO content is ≤5ppm.

Hopcalite Catalyst (Carbon Monoxide (CO) Removal Catalyst)

Hopcalite catalyst use copper oxide and manganese dioxide as main raw materials. It has a good catalytic oxidation effect on CO in a dry environment (room temperature and atmospheric pressure).

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Removal Catalyst (Honeycomb Ceramic Type)

This type CO removal catalyst can be used to remove CO under the conditions of temperature 150-200 ℃ and space velocity (0.3-1) * 104h-1, the carbon monoxide content of the purified gas can be reduced to below 0.5ppm.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Removal Catalysts (Fireplace & Oven Type)

This type CO removal catalyst is targeted at the exhaust treatment of fireplaces and ovens, under the temperature of 250 ~ 400 ℃ and space velocity (0.3 ~ 1) × 104h−1, the content of CO and CnHm can be reduced below 4mg/m3.

Ozone Decomposition Catalysts

Low Concentration Ozone Decomposition Catalyst

This type ozone decomposition catalysts have shape of honeycomb (foam) ceramic, short column, is mainly used for ozonolysis of less than 300ppm, and can also treat about 1000ppm of ozone under relatively high humidity.

High Concentration Ozone Decomposition Catalyst

This type ozone decomposition catalysts have shape of honeycomb (foam) ceramic, short column, can treat ozone with concentration higher than 100 mg / L, and the recommended treatment concentration is 20 mg / L.

High Concentration Ozone Decomposition Catalyst (Moisture-resistant Type)

This type decomposition catalyst using new nano materials, can work normally in the environment with relative humidity of 90%, and its service life is greatly increased. It can be applied to the decomposition of ozone with high humidity.

Ozone Decomposition Catalyst (Stainless Steel Type)

Stainless steel type ozone decomposition catalyst, with stainless steel honeycomb as carrier, can decompose ozone at room temperature. Because of high strength, it is mainly used for ozone decomposition of fine electronic equipment.

VOCs Treatment Catalysts

VOCs Treatment Catalysts for Industrial Exhaust Gas Purification

VOCs treatment catalysts has a wide application range and is suitable for treating industrial organic waste gas containing carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and oxygen-containing derivatives thereof.

Waste Incineration Catalysts

Waste Incineration Catalysts for Incinerator

The catalyst can greatly improve the emission control level of the waste incinerator, after catalytic purification, the CO content in the flue gas emissions is 22mg / m3, and the dioxin content is 0.1ng / m3.

SCR Denitration (DeNOx) Catalysts

SCR Denitration (DeNOx) Catalyst

SCR DeNOx catalyst is made of honeycomb ceramics as a carrier and TiO2, V2O5, WO3 and the like as main active components, with great advantages in terms of strength, anti-blocking, anti-wear and anti-poisoning.

Indoor Air Purification Catalysts

Indoor Air Purification Catalyst (Remove Formaldehyde & Benzenes)

Indoor air purification catalyst has catalytic purification and sterilization functions for pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene, the concentration of formaldehyde can be reduced below 0.1ppm.

Ozonation Catalysts

Ozonation Catalysts for Waste Water Treatment

Ozonation catalystscan catalyze the self-decomposition of ozone in water, increase the concentration of · OH produced in water, thereby improving the effect of ozone oxidation, and the oxidation efficiency is 2 to 4 times higher than that of pure ozone oxidation.

Custom Catalysts

Specialty & Custom Catalysts

Any process that releases VOCs, Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), we rely on our research and development capabilities in catalysts to customize catalysts for specific emissions control for our customers.