Mine Refuge Chamber & Escape Mask

Low temperature catalytic oxidation of carbon monoxide is the most direct, simple, cheap and effective way to eliminate carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide catalytic oxidation at room temperature has a wide range of applications, such as the removal of trace carbon monoxide in closed systems (airplanes, submarines, and mine chambers, etc.), fire escape mask, carbon dioxide lasers, fuel cells, and the removal of trace carbon monoxide from vehicle exhaust in semi-enclosed spaces (including road tunnels, underground parking lots, etc.).

CO removal catalyst by GOOTEK takes γ type activated alumina as carrier, carrying specific rare earth auxiliaries and precious metal ( Pd and Pt), Have the catalysis purification function of the CO pollution gas ,which performs excellent feature with high purification capacity, good moisture resistance, wide range of operating temperature and long service life on catalytic purification for CO removal.

Room Temperature CO Removal Catalyst (Moisture Resistant Particle Type)

This type CO removal catalyst completely converts CO at room temperature (≥15 ℃), gas humidity ≤90%, space velocity (13) × 104 hours-1, and the residual CO content is ≤5ppm.

Hopcalite Catalyst (Carbon Monoxide (CO) Removal Catalyst)

Hopcalite catalyst use copper oxide and manganese dioxide as main raw materials. It has a good catalytic oxidation effect on CO in a dry environment (room temperature and atmospheric pressure).