Room Temperature Carbon Monoxide (CO) Removal Catalyst (Moisture Resistant Particle Type)

CO removal catalyst takes γ type activated alumina as carrier, carrying specific rare earth auxiliaries and precious metal ( Pd and Pt), Have the catalysis purification function of the CO pollution gas ,which performs excellent feature with high purification capacity, good moisture resistance, wide range of operating temperature and long service life on catalytic purification for CO removal.

Working principle:

The catalyst completely converts CO at room temperature (≥15 ℃), gas humidity ≤90%, space velocity (13) × 104 hours-1, and the residual CO content is ≤5ppm. The single-cycle use time is not less than 120 hours. Simple regeneration can be reused for more than 3 cycles.

Application area:

The catalyst is mainly used to remove carbon monoxide at room temperature in closed air circulation systems such as rescue chambers / refuge chambers, ships, and aircraft. It can also be used in gas masks, fire masks, CO2 lasers, and gas showers. occasion.

Note on the use of catalyst in the rescue tank:

1. The size of the cabin and the amount of catalyst: The volume of catalyst required per cubic meter of the cabin is 0.4 to 0.6 kg (0.35 to 0.5 in the chamber). The specific amount of use is closely related to the ventilation in the cabin. There must be no air leakage in the catalyst placed in the cabin, and all ventilation must be completely through the catalyst bed.

2. When using the catalyst for the human body entry test, the CO tester in the red place is required. The electrochemical instrument is susceptible to interference by other gases, causing measurement errors. In order to prolong the service life of the catalyst, it is recommended that an equal volume of activated carbon, desulfurizing agent or molecular sieve adsorbent be placed on the upper layer of the catalyst, and the catalyst should not be used if the CO does not exceed the standard.

Catalyst performance: Treat 400ppm carbon monoxide to less than 24ppm within 5-18 minutes, and continuously ensure that the carbon monoxide concentration in the cabin is lower than 24ppm within 120 hours.

Technical Parameters:

  • Space velocity: 10000~20000h-1
  • Operating temperature: ≥15℃
  • Gas humidity: ≤90%
  • Size: Ø2~3mm
  • Bulk density: 800±50g/L
  • Precautions: Please seal the package when it is vacant and unpack it when using